Roland Belgrave
49 Hova Villas
United Kingdom

Roland Belgrave Vintage Photography Ltd. specializes in the nineteenth century. I deal in photography from its inception to the pioneers of the medium who travelled the globe taking the earliest views of its people and places.

Travel and Exploration are my main themes, although I buy all early imagery that is exotic and eclectic. Calotypes, daguerreotypes, early and unusual views of an ethnographic nature are all items that I look for and sell. Photographic albums and photo books from India, China and South East Asia are also examples of material I have and that is highly collectable and looked for by various collections.

I have been in the trade for roughly sixteen years, dealing in both antiquarian books and photographs. I exhibit at both photographic fairs and also book fairs around the world. I regularly sell and help build institutional collections and private ones, in the UK and abroad. I am essentially a private dealer, however I do also have a gallery in Lewes, Sussex.

Nineteenth century photography is a niche with a handful of specialist dealers globally. There is a strong crossover of collecting between contemporary, modern and early nineteenth century photography. I sell regularly to private clients who also have a collection made up of much later material. It appeals to a wide audience.