Lidija Khachatourian
Calle de la Verona 3659a
San Marco
Exhibited artists
Filipe Branquinho
Moira Forjaz
Margaret Ngigi

AKKA Project - A Kostic Khachatourian Art Project - focuses on contemporary art, in all its forms, particularly art coming from the African continent.
It promotes and supports artists’ professional and artistic growth.
Our mission is to nurture diverse artistic practices and thoughtful dialogue. We value art as a catalyst for critical thinking. We value integrity and the artistic process. We aspire to link personal expression to broader social contexts.
The gallery space is open, intimate and capable of showcasing a rich variety of offerings, which have included all the traditional media. We relish the amazing freedom the gallery provides for its artists to reinvent what “gallery” can mean, artistically, conceptually and as a force within the community.

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