Brenna Horrox
Rut Blees Luxemburg
Sophy Rickett
Exhibited artists
Valérie Belin
Eva Stenram
Alix Marie
Yushi Li
Felicity Hammond
Bettina von Zwehl
Giulia Parlato
Wendy McMurdo
Chooc Ly Tan
Jenevieve Aken
Ozziline Bill
Loreal Prystaj
Naghmeh Navabi
Karen Knorr
Tish Murtha

HI-NOON is an artist-led enterprise for photographic print editions.

Inspired by the culture of support and co-operation that thrives in artistic communities around the world HI-NOON is an innovative venture developed as a prototype to enable, celebrate and sustain artistic practice.

HI-NOON editions are curated from a diverse group of artists, selected for their spirit of experimentation, conceptual clarity and significance in contemporary art and photography.

We launched HI-NOON in the spirit of openness and optimism. We aim to establish and maintain long term alliances between artists, collectors and partners that are based on sharing knowledge and experience, support and respect, and the enjoyment and pleasures of contemporary photographic practice.

HI-NOON is a time, a place and an urgency, coupled with conviviality, and a hint of the flamboyant. It is a time of reckoning, with action as the catalyst of change.

And it is a welcome…