Saras Rachupalli

KOVET.ART is a new arts platform launched in 2020 by Saras Rachupalli with a focus on showcasing collectible artworks by emerging high calibre artists who are studying or have graduated from the UK’s leading art universities.

With an aim to curate, incubate and uncover the world’s finest emerging talents in the beginning of their career, KOVET.ART offer a nurturing environment for young artists by investing in their talent and helping them make their mark through mentorship programmes and by connecting collectors through series of digital exhibitions and pop up exhibitions.

Using Blockchain to sell the artist’s work, KOVET.ART are spearheading a change in the Art world by reinventing the way we think about exhibition spaces and how we invest in art. By combining curatorial expertise and technological innovation, KOVET.ART presents thought-provoking exhibitions one step ahead of zeitgeist.

KOVET.ART is supported by the Mayor of London and was selected by the Creative Industries Council as Ones to Watch in 2020.