Maureen Paley
60 Three Colts Lane
E2 6GQ
United Kingdom
Exhibited artists
Tom Burr
Anne Hardy
Peter Hujar
Sarah Jones
Paul P.
Michael Queenland
Hannah Starkey
Dirk Stewen
Oscar Tuazon
Wolfgang Tillmans
Gillian Wearing
James Welling

The gallery program began in 1984 in a Victorian terraced house in London’s East End. Initially named Interim Art the gallery changed its name to Maureen Paley in 2004 as a celebration of its 20th anniversary. Since September 1999 the gallery has been situated in Bethnal Green. In July 2017 Maureen Paley opened a project space in Hove called Morena di Luna. From its inception, the gallery’s aim has remained consistent: to promote great and innovative artists in all media.

Maureen Paley was one of the first to present contemporary art in London’s East End and has been a pioneer of the current scene, promoting and showing a diverse range of international artists. Gallery artists include Turner prize winners Lawrence Abu Hamdan, 2019, Wolfgang Tillmans, 2000, and Gillian Wearing, 1997, and Turner Prize nominees Rebecca Warren, 2006 and Liam Gillick, 2002. Represented artists who also work with photography include Morgan Fisher, Anne Hardy, Peter Hujar, Sarah Jones, Hannah Starkey, Dirk Stewen and James Welling.