Laura San Martín
Paraná 759
Buenos Aires
Exhibited artists
Ángela Copello
Andrea Juan
Fabiana Barreda
Arturo Aguiar
Mariana Alexander
Zulema Maza
Jasmine Rossi
Andrea Alkalay
Laura Cardoner
Celine Frers

OdA is located in the neighbourhood of Recoleta in the City of Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Founded in 2015 by architect and photographer, Laura de San Martín, the gallery focuses on the talent of established and mid-career artists, appreciating each one’s individual language. It also encourages the production and promotion of young artists, guiding them throughout their creative process. We select proposals with a strong emotional load and aesthetic value, which, either conceptual or narrative in their approach, will have an impact on the spectator.

Since 2017, OdA promotes the programme Arte en el Origen, an experimental proposal for artists of all disciplines, hosted in Cantabria, Spain, and directed by artist Andrea Juan, for which the gallery offers two grants every year.

OdA is affiliated to Meridiano, the Argentine Chamber of Contemporary Art Galleries.

For Photo London, we have selected ten artists who live and work in Argentina. They are renowned established and mid-career artists who approach photography from different perspectives and themes. Their selection of paper and media is manifold and includes cotton paper, lenticular printing systems and even manual interventions on paper with 24k gold.

OdA has successfully participated in the 2017, 2019 and 2020 Buenos Aires Photo editions.