Stephan Schmid
21 Heathfield Gardens
W4 4JU
Exhibited artists
Edmund Sumner
Jonathan Moore
Robert Conrad

Albumen Gallery was set up in London in 2013. Specialising in 20th century and contemporary photography Albumen Gallery responds to shifting trends in how photographic art is experienced and purchased by collectors. In a world where online immediacy and global availability become accepted and expected Albumen Gallery eschews a permanent brick and mortar gallery space targeting through its online exhibition programme a wider international audience.

The gallery's online presence is firmly coupled with a dedicated personalised customer and advisory service. Our advisory service is tailored to the requirements of lovers of fine art photography and collectors who seek a trustworthy partner for growing their collection.

Pioneering the online gallery without walls concept, Albumen Gallery is continuously developing the format and potential of online exhibitions as an accepted platform for exhibiting art photography.

The Albumen Gallery Publishing series accompanies each exhibition with a dedicated photo book. The books in the series don't merely serve as exhibition catalogues but are photo books in their own right allowing exhibition visitors and collectors to engage with the photographer's work beyond the run of the exhibition.