Alice Black
16a Rupert St (4.2)

Alice Black Gallery believes in supporting & empowering artists & engaging with local and international communities, from all walks of life, through culture.

We are driven by a desire to contribute to a forward-looking cultural discourse, while meaningfully building upon art history. Our programme spotlights skilful makers and critical thinkers; those progressively pushing the bounds of their medium and conceptual enquiry. We see draughtsmanship or technical ability, so often undervalued, not as a beginning and an end in itself, but as the vehicle and enabler which frees an artist to realise and develop his/her creative vision and to bring about a more direct communication with the viewer.

The Gallery is built upon a culture of cross-pollination, collaboration, and open-handedness. It is an environment fed and watered by the ongoing input of the artists, collectors, curators, journalists, other gallerists, writers, enthusiasts and the simply curious. Through a regular programme of exhibitions, talks and workshops, we strive to generate a fluid and inclusive culture. There is a strong socio, political and environmental dimension to our programme which stems from a wish to support and give a platform to artists who address the challenges of our time.

The gallery was co-founded by Alice Black and Matt Symonds in May 2017.  In March 2020 Forbes named Alice as one of their 30 under 30 to watch in European Arts and Culture.