Ute Hartjen
Kantstrasse 149
Exhibited artists
Sebastian Copeland
Anton Corbijn
Patrick Demarchelier
David Drebin
David LaChapelle
Eugenio Recuenco
Pete Souza
Christian Tagliavini
Albert Watson
David Yarrow

At Photo London 2021, CAMERA WORK Gallery presents a stand that features two major themes: new photographic works by a variety of leading artists and a theme-based selection of works entitled »The Beauty of Life«.

For CAMERA WORK Gallery, Photo London has always been a designated art fair to reveal new works and to show exclusive photographs internationally for the very first time. This year, we are thrilled to present new released works by Anton Corbijn and Patrick Demarchelier as well as by Christian Tagliavini from his latest series »Circesque«. This year, we also pay homage to modern and innovative presentation forms of contemporary photography. David Drebin’s sought-after image »Below the Surface« is on view as a revolutionary Diamond Dust Print for the first time. In addition, out of Eugenio Recuenco’s famous series »365°« the lightbox »28 Octubre« is exhibited. Also portraits of Barack Obama by Pete Souza are on display – this artist has never been shown on an art fair before.

In a time globally characterized by uncertainty and seclusion during the last one and a half years, photographic art plays an essential role in providing a sense of hope and showing the extraordinary importance of joy and happiness. CAMERA WORK Gallery shows a fine selection of works by classic and contemporary artists who illustrate »The Beauty of Life« in their works. Amongst them there are selected pieces by artists such as David LaChapelle, Albert Watson and David Yarrow.