Brenna Horrox
Rut Blees Luxemburg
Sophy Rickett
8 Huxley House
Fisherton Street
Exhibited artists
Valérie Belin
Eva Stenram
Alix Marie
Yushi Li
Felicity Hammond
Bettina von Zwehl
Tereza Zeklonoava
Wendy McMurdo
Catherine Yass
Sophy Rickett
Joy Gregory
Lindsay Seers
Rut Blees Luxemburg
Karen Knorr
Tish Murtha

Celebrating their debut at Somerset House this year, HI-NOON are delighted to introduce six new works into their collection of artist editions.

The new editions, by leading international artists including Catherine Yass, Lindsay Seers and Joy Gregory will be available exclusively, alongside works in the collection by acclaimed artists Karen Knorr, Rut Blees Luxemburg, Eva Stenram and exciting new talents Alix Marie and Yushi Li.

HI-NOON is an artist-led platform offering a curated selection of photographic works, in limited editions, at affordable prices. Inspired by the culture of support and co-operation that thrives in artistic communities around the world, HI-NOON celebrates, supports and sustains artistic practice through dynamically combining real world events – street poster campaigns, DJ parties, and pop up events, with a strong online presence.

“Big up to Hi-Noon - they are in action in their community, a grass roots artist enterprise of brilliant artists supporting other brilliant artists.” Fiona Banner, Artist.

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