Victoria Golembiovskaya
12 Hay Hill

House of the Nobleman is a multi-faceted art consultancy, offering a full spectrum of creative, advisory and curatorial services to both individual collectors and corporate clients worldwide. Collaboration is at the core of what we do and how we connect people through art. We nurtured a global network of private collectors, galleries, artists, and professional advisors to call upon, and have access to experts in photography, modern, postwar, and contemporary art and design. From this select group of professionals, we recruit specific partners for each project as suits the brief. House of the Nobleman pioneered the use of ultra-luxury residential and commercial properties as gallery spaces, bringing together collectors of high-end art and buyers of luxury real estate.

For our diverse corporate clientele of property developers and owners, luxury brands, private banks and membership clubs, we organise privately-sponsored, satellite art exhibitions and corresponding events to build brand awareness. Individual clients benefit from our decade of experience in building and managing collections and facilitating private deals. In addition to providing art expertise, we manage all logistics, from shipping and insurance to installation, lighting and furniture design.