Klaus Kehrer
Mannheimer Str. 175
Exhibited artists
Arno Rafael Minkkinen
Susan Hefuna
Ragnar Axelsson
Elina Brotherus
Bas Losekoot
Helen Levitt
Gregor Sailer
Jessica Backhaus
Richard Gosnold
Anton Kusters
Sage Sohier
Samet Durgun
Christoph Bangert
Liza Ambrossio
Tariq Zaidi

Founded in 1995, Kehrer Verlag is an independent publisher specialising in photography and fine art books. Its list includes leading photographers such as Helen Levitt, Saul Leiter, Arno Rafael Minkkinen, Sarah Moon, Stephen Shore and Nicholas Nixon, as well as numerous emerging artists. Over the years, many Kehrer publications have been nominated for and honoured with international book awards. Kehrer regularly participates in national and international fairs and festivals.

At Photo London we will present new photography books by Renate Aller, Ragnar Axelsson, Jessica Backhaus, Christoph Bangert, Elina Brotherus, Richard Gosnold, Damian Heinisch, Susan Hefuna, Ed Kashi, Anton Kusters, Bas Losekoot, Sonia Lenzi, Karen Marshall, Arno Rafael Minkkinen, Gregor Sailer, Christopher Taylor, Tariq Zaidi and others.

We are delighted to announce new editions of our classics: Saul Leiter, Helen Levitt, and Fred Stein, as well as an exquisite selection of our finest Collector's Editions.