Saras Rachupalli
King Edwards Road, College House 17
HA47 - Ruislip
United Kingdom
Exhibited artists
Loreal Prystaj
Tom Faber
Femi Adeleye
Anna-Lena Krause
Xu Yang
James Wilde
Fiorella Angelini
Michael Forbes

KOVET.ART presents expertly curated online exhibitions and pop-up physical shows, combining curatorial expertise and technological innovation through the showcasing of thought-provoking artworks by recent graduates, sensitive to the zeitgeist. Launched in June 2020, Kovet.Art is supported by the guidance and mentorship of the Mayor of London (London Partners) and was selected by the Creative Industries Council, UK, as “Ones to Watch 2020”. The gallery represents artists through a strong mentoring programme, and collaborates with leading UK universities, providing visibility, integration and support for graduating artists and curators within the international market.

2020 Exhibition History / Projects
The gallery exhibits four shows a year, beginning, in June 2020, with Delineating Dreams. Through a surrealist lens, the eight artists presented from our incubator programme (Christopher Pearson, Max Gimson, Candice Jewell, Janet Waring Rago, Loreal Prystaj, Giovanna Petrocchi, Kristy M Chan and Tom Faber) juxtaposed real and imagined environments, leaning into the concept of the self, physical restrictions of daily life in the pandemic. Featured artworks spanned from figuration to abstraction, ranging from photography and painting, to printmaking.

For the 2020 edition of Photo London, Kovet.Art presented a selection of exclusive, limited-edition photographs by Kovet artists Prystaj (selected by The Guardian for their “best new talent at Photo London” feature and a feature on FT Weekend), Faber, Jewell and Petrocchi.

In December 2020, Kovet.Art launched The Art Vault, a dedicated digital exhibition space. The debut exhibition, New Futures Digital, presents a portfolio of rising artists, selected by exciting emerging artists and emerging curators. Starting with a focus on works by Central Saint Martins students, curated by Mazzy-Mae Green and Greta Voeller, the show continued with UCL Slade School of Fine Art, curated by Victoria Cantons, on 25 February 2021 and Royal College of Art, curated by Junyao Chen and Xu Yang in June 2021. The multi-section show will focus on works by one university each month, exclusively available for sale. Please view the curatorial statement and the group show on the website at Due to the pandemic we have had limited opportunities to showcase in physical spaces but have the shows incorporated into our gallery programme.

2020 projects and shows

Contemporary Mythologies: The Monteverdi Project is Giovanna Petrocchi's first solo show with Kovet.Art. The exhibition combines eighteen works across three series from the artist's ongoing interrogation of the portrayal of past and present: Caves and Myths (2017), Modular Artefacts (2019) and Magic Lanterns (2020-ongoing).
Presented at the Tenuta di Monteverdi estate in Tuscany, Petrocchi's practice, which draws heavily on archival material, will meld with the history of the area, creating an ephemeral show that drifts across different timelines. Set against the backdrop of an archaeological dig site and residency run by the estate in collaboration with the University at Buffalo, New York, the exhibition juxtaposes ancient and new mythologies. The project underlines the unearthing and reinterpreting that has long characterised the artist's work, as she seeks to recontextualise archival material through a contemporary lens.
The exhibition is a collaboration between Kovet.Art and the contemporary art museum of Polo Culturale Le Clarisse in Grosseto, the Museo Archeologico e d'Arte della Maremma (MAAM) and is supported by the municipality of Paganico, and the American University at Buffalo (SUNY).

Kovet.Art also presented a curated display including a selection of six international artists and twelve digital works at CADAF Online 2021. The show was curated by Greta Voeller and Junyao Chen.

Additionally, Kovet.Art has been recognized at Cogx tech fair and London tech week by their CEOs as pioneers in bringing tech to art.