Nicole ML Sharp
Rachel Coy
Rhonda Long-Sharp
1 N Illinois Street
Suite A
United States
Exhibited artists
Andy Warhol
Robert Indiana
David Hockney
William John Kennedy
Spiller + Cameron

Long-Sharp Gallery (LSG) specializes in works on paper, multiples, and drawings by modern and contemporary masters including Picasso, Miró, Francis, Frankenthaler, Gilliam, Warhol, Haring, Indiana, and Lichtenstein.

In addition, LSG is dedicated to a contemporary program that incorporates paintings, photography, and sculpture, as well as conceptual and multimedia art by a growing roster of regional, national, and international artists. The gallery exclusively represents in the U.S. or beyond an impressive roster of artists including the Estate of David Spiller, Tarik Currimbhoy, Cha Jong Rye, Dale Enochs, Jason Myers, Sabina Klein, Spiller + Cameron, Amy Kirchner, Sylvestre Gauvrit, and Patrick Hurst, among others.