Mark Shackleton
Magdalena Shackleton
448 New Cross Road
Exhibited artists
Valda Bailey
Jasper Goodall
Brian Griffin
Michael Jackson
Michał Cała
Katie Eleanor
Michael Abramson

MMX Gallery was founded in a former photography studio in London in 2014 by Mark and Magdalena Shackleton.
Its seemingly endless possibilities is what fuels their passion for photography.
Its love of vintage prints marries with the desire to discover the Art of the New. The image is everything and is celebrated by the gallery with conviction and belief that what is seen is to be treasured, creating and harbouring that first emotional response to images is the backbone that drives the gallery.
Their represented artists work has been acquired by numerous international private collections and institutions.
The gallery has ventured into Photography art fairs with Photo London since 2017 and will be present again this year.

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