Dejan Sluga
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Dino Kužnik
Ladislav Postupa
Goran Trbuljak
Eva Petrič

Photon Gallery was founded in Ljubljana in 2003 to present and promote photo-artists from Central and South-Eastern Europe. It regularly shows work by both established artists and young emerging photographers. Photon encompasses various professional activities such as gallery work (production and organization of exhibitions), festivals (organization of Photonic Moments festival), educational work (organization of lectures, guided tours, artist talks, workshops, and from 2020 also “Photonic School”), legal and agency services (artist consulting and copyright issues). At the same time, it focuses on the promotion of artists, popularizes contemporary photography and acquaints the target audience about international news and activities in the field of contemporary photography (website and social media).

Photon Gallery collaborates with many of Europe’s leading photographic institutions, galleries and festivals. We participate in various international art fairs, especially those specialized in photography, such as Photo Basel, Fotofever, Paris Photo, Photo London and others. We have been cooperating with Art Market Budapest, a leading regional fair, since its beginning in 2010. Here, Photon has a special partner role in organizing a parallel Art Photo Budapest fair. In addition to operating the premises of the Center for Contemporary Photography in Ljubljana, Photon expanded its activities abroad in 2013 and opened a gallery space in Vienna.