2019 and 1847
Joanna Skeels
Lindsey Stewart
Donovan Rees (Bernard Quaritch Ltd)
United Kingdom
Irvine, Scotland
United Kingdom
Exhibited artists
Julia Margaret Cameron
Augustus Kelham
Bill Brandt
Roger Mayne
Tony Ray-Jones
Raymond Moore
John Davies
Chris Killip
John Blakemore
Fay Godwin
Peter Cattrell
Mike Seaborne
Samuel Bourne

Private dealers based in London and Scotland, we specialise in 19th- and early 20th-century photographs and photographically illustrated books, primarily focusing on the work of British photographers including those working overseas. We seek the unusual, whether photographs are in exceptional condition or are quirky one-offs. We act as agents for the sale of photographs and photographic collections, with an emphasis on placing significant historical work in public institutions and represent the Roger Mayne Archive and Mike Seaborne.