Miguel Alzueta
Julia Alzueta Payes
Séneca, 9-11
Interior - Bajo

Alzueta Gallery is a contemporary art gallery with locations in Barcelona and Madrid.

The main goal of Alzueta Gallery is to represent the time in which it lives. To be the creative reflection that unites the will, the works and the desires, of the contemporary creators that it represents. Young, emerging and consolidated artists, Spanish and foreign artists, all of them united by one criteria, the eye of an aesthetic that tries to transgress the first and subtle layer of the form, to reach deeper places, where the ethic is the main purpose of art.

With an international vocation, Alzueta Gallery is present on all five continents, through Art Fairs, Collectors, Art Advisors, Digital platforms, and more, all this in order to make the gallery and its ethics reach, from Barcelona, as many viewers as possible.

Alzueta Gallery is committed to modernity, to radicalism, to transformation, to ideas and to the politics of change, to everything that, from art, can improve people’s lives.

The gallery also presents its projects in the Palau de Casavells, a space of its own in the heart of the Empordà countryside, in a 16th century farmhouse, an unusual setting for its contemporary proposals.
Along with the gallery spaces, it has also launched an artist residency program to support the creativity and the work of the contemporary artists of our time.

Alzueta Gallery is a living project in constant change and evolution.