Jane England
216 Westbourne Grove
First Floor
W11 2RH
Exhibited artists
Anne Bean
Rose Boyt
John F Brown
Lindsay Caldicott
Iraida Icaza
Tina Keane
Angus McBean
Clay Perry
Howard Selina
David/Jeffrey Thorp/Bligh
Andy Weiner

England & Co has established an individual identity that reflects its historically aware, research-based curatorial approach. In recent years, the gallery has become known for exploring artists’ use of photography as both medium and method for documentation, particularly in relation to performance. We work with artists’ and photographers’ archives, and research and curate retrospective and collective exhibitions that reappraise artists of the British and international avant-garde from the 1930s through to the 1980s. We advise and sell works to private collectors, curate exhibitions in various locations, participate in photography and art fairs, and initiate projects, with a particular focus on continuing England & Co’s established history of selling and lending significant works to British and international museums and institutions.