Piotr Pronobis
Gabriela Wnuk
Julia Kaluzna
Aleja Szucha 11A / 21
Exhibited artists
Elena Subach
Kirill Golovchenko
Oleksandr Suprun
Alexander Chekmenev
Yevgeniy Pavlov
Misha Pedan
Yuri Kosin
Yuri Rupin
Misha Pedan

This year Ilex Photo is going to exhibit works created solely by Ukrainian photographers. In response to the current world situation, our gallery felt a strong need to spread the awareness about the Ukrainian culture. We will show it through the lenses of some of the most legendary Ukrainian artists.

By showing the works of three generations of creators, Ilex Photo focuses on the topic of the passing of time and the changes it brings. We will exhibit representatives from Kharkiv School of Photography as well as from the most promising emerging artists.

The photographs show Ukrainian attempts to find individual artistic identities and collide them with the Western perspectives of looking at art, shaped through the years of totalitarian regimes.

15% from all exhibition sales will be donated to the Distasters Emergency Committee (https://www.dec.org.uk).