Piotr Pronobis
Gabriela Wnuk
Julia Kaluzna
Aleja Szucha 11A / 21
Exhibited artists
Elena Subach
Kirill Golovchenko
Oleksandr Suprun
Alexander Chekmenev
Yevgeniy Pavlov
Misha Pedan
Yuri Kosin
Yuri Rupin
Misha Pedan

Ilex Photo was among leading italian photography galleries for almost 12 years, since the establishment in 2008 in Rome. We believe, that a time has come for change and currently we are undergoing a transformation from a gallery into virtual platform. Before revealing the form of our transformation, we would like to undertake couple of photography-related initiatives, on a social, cultural and educational background. During 2022 Photo London we would like to turn the attention of the world of art to the Ukrainian photography. The situation Ukraine is facing right now has motivated us to do everything to help the people, Ukrainian citizens whose tragedy is our spiritus movens to act and stop war. We know that we can do it most efficiently by raising money to support- one one hand the artists and on the other, Ukrainian institutions which save the country during these times. We are also aware, that the greatness of Ukrainian art is not very well known in United Kingdom. That is why, after organizing charity auction, we decided to exhibit the works of most outstanding Ukrainian photographers during Photo London. We will present the works of legendary artists from Kharkhiv School of Photography, including Evgeni Pavlov or Oleksandr Suprun, as well as contemporary ones, such as Elena Subach or Alexander Chekmenev. We will dedicate 15% of the revenue to the Ukrainian Army Account created by UBA, and we would like to encourage every participating gallery to do the same.