Julien Zanet
Pierre-Elie de Pibrac
62 avenue Jean-Baptiste Clement
Exhibited artists
Pascal Rostain & Bruno Mouron

Rhapsody Curated is a high curation international NFT platform 100% dedicated to photography. It has the ambition of being the photographer’s guide towards the metaverse while perpetuating France's deep-rooted photographic tradition. Starting in May, a first inaugural season of three series will be launched, highlighting four photographers on the theme of being Human.

Each month, Rhapsody Curated builds a season of 3 to 5 photographic projects selected according to a specific theme, as for an exhibition. The projects are composed of at least 30 photographs available in the form of unique 1/1 NFTs.

To highlight the photographer's story and writing, we use a random drop system well known to NFT enthusiasts, which consists in offering the collector the opportunity of acquiring a photograph from the series at random. Thus, at the time of purchase, the collector does not know the exact work he is acquiring, but what he captures is his unique piece of the story told by the photographer.

All prints and frames manufactured by Initial Labo, in Paris, FR.