Marta Filipiak
ul. ks. Ryszarda Markwarta 2
Exhibited artists
Łukasz Owczarzak

The Black Dwarf Foundation is an idea that takes many forms. One of them is the Eye Never Sleeps festival, during which a space for the presentation of art is opened once a year. Contemporary, ephemeral, following its own current, often in a small stream. Not succumbing to fashion. Unchanged by the requirements of the commercial art market. What is most important is the community of everyone. Artists and audiences. There are no divisions between them. Everyone is equally important. Every year, we organize several exhibitions during the festival. The cyclical meetings started building a community that is becoming ever wider. A community of people has emerged who work together on new ideas. One of them is the choir in which everyone can sing. The choir's performances have become local events that bring people of all ages and professions together. The rehearsals became an important element of sociological and social life for the choristers. The choir often appears in their own films for which they also prepare costumes and set design. These activities are multidimensional, from art to friendship and vice versa.

The nature of our work has another goal, it is to work with people and for people. Art includes a longing for the ideal. Working together, we follow him.