Leticia Antunes Maciel
23 rue des Bains
Exhibited artists
Julien Spiewak
Ana D and Noora K

Leticia AMAS, director and founder of espace_L art gallery was born in Rio de Janeiro, Brazilian 1973. Graduated in journalism with an MBA retail, Leticia has worked in different places such as communication agency and a publishing house, before moving to Geneva in 2006. Since the opening of espace_L in 2011, the gallerist wanted to create something original, a place to exchange ideas, promote encounters… Espace_L is a place for experimentation and synergy between various artistic events. Since its first exhibition - Départ - an ambitious calendar was built up to present internationally renowned artists as well as to promote young artists whose distribution is being created on a large scale. The concept of the gallery is to present a high quality program with a focus on Brazilian and European contemporary art, giving two opposite views to the public, a wide spectrum of references. espace_L is a Geneva based gallery located at the main spot for contemporary art in town called Quartier des Bains.