Isolina Arbulu
Urb. Cortijo de Naguelles 88D
Exhibited artists
Angélica Arbulú
Adriana Duque
Magdalena Correa

Isolina Arbulu is a young gallery located in southern Spain, in the cosmopolitan city of Marbella. It opened its doors in 2019 and has since built a reputation for presenting carefully curated and eclectic exhibitions.

The gallery understands contemporary art as a reflection, an examination and a diagnosis of the world from the particular point of view of the artist. Our artists are a group of extraordinarily talented individuals; together they form a prism of colours that help us understand the complex times we live in. The gallery strongly supports the female gaze, traditionally absent or ignored.

We are committed to Spanish art with an emphasis on contemporary Andalusian artists, while maintaining a strong connection to South American artists due to the historical linkage. Integrated in with an architecture studio, the gallery has three flexible and excellently equipped spaces in which to exhibit painting, photography, sculpture, installation and multidisciplinary projects that allows us to adapt to the demands and requirements of the contemporary aesthetic paradigm.

Isolina Arbulu represents 16 artists, including art prize winners who are part of prominent institution’s collections and have exhibited in renowned museums and institutions around the world. The Gallery also supports emerging artists in an ongoing effort to promote new talent.