Paul William
10 rue Braque
Exhibited artists
Prince Gyasi
Ismail Zaidy
Fatimazohra Serri

Maât Gallery is a contemporary art gallery and artist residency located in Le Marais district in Paris.
The gallery has been founded in February 2023 by Paul William, the co-founder and ex co-owner of Nil Gallery Paris. Although the gallery is working with a diverse range of international artists, it has a close tie with Western African artists.
Maât Gallery opened its new space in Paris, in the heart of Le Marais district, in March 2023. It is composed of two spaces: an exhibition venue on two floors and a few steps away, a studio to host artists in residence. Throughout the year, the exhibition space will notably include a corner specifically dedicated to emerging photographers. Far from the traditional "white cube" approach, Maât gallery aims to be a warm space of exchange and dialogue open to all audiences.
The gallery also wants to be global and itinerant and intends to defend and promote its artists around the world through exhibition projects outside the walls, collaboration with foreign galleries and by attending art fairs.