Cay Sophie Rabinowitz
Christian Rattemeyer
50 East 1st Street
Storefront West
New York NY
Exhibited artists
Richard Bell
Kevin Claiborne
Bev Grant
Leslie Hewitt
Eileen Quinlan
Anton Stankowski

OSMOS was co-founded in 1997 by Christian Rattemeyer and Joachim Abrell as a project space in Berlin. In 2012, OSMOS was re-launched by Cay Sophie Rabinowitz in New York and has since developed into a fully integrated concept for curatorial and editorial activities.
OSMOS currently has two locations: OSMOS Address, in a Manhattan, East Village storefront that was once a saloon frequented by Emma Goldman and other radicals, and OSMOS Station, in the Catskill village of Stamford, New York, in a purpose-built garage next to the former train station.
Having represented the Estates of artists such as Gretchen Bender, Darrel Ellis and Bev Grant, OSMOS has continued to solidify its presence supporting emerging artists through exhibitions with Kevin Claiborne, Adam Simon, Michele Araujo, Baseera Khan, Robert Russell, Corentin Grossmann, Elvire Bonduelle, Honza Zamojski, Santiago de Paoli, Brian Kokoska, Marie Tomanova, and Mathieu Mercier alongside its solo exhibitions with pioneers such as Richard Bell, Emory Douglas, Julie Knifer, Kay Rosen, Peter Roehr, Duane Michals, Anton Stankowski, Sibylle Bergemann, and Martin Kippenberger. OSMOS is well known for its award-winning independent publishing endeavors, such as OSMOS Magazine and its series of first monographs by artists such as Nilbar Gures, Kon Trubkovich, Wardell Milan, Eileen Quinlan, Leslie Hewitt, Bev Grant, Julije Knifer, and Rose Marasco, among others.