Asia Zak Persons
Timothy Persons
Lindenstraße 34-35
Exhibited artists
Santeri Tuori
Mikko Rikala
Jussi Nahkuri
Niko Luoma
Janne Lehtinen
Eeva Karhu
Sandra Kantanen
Grey Crawford

Persons Projects (formerly TaiK Persons) is a contemporary art gallery located in Berlin Kreuzberg, in close neighbourhood to the Berlinische Galerie and the Jewish Museum. Founded in 1995 in Helsinki, Finland and relocated to Berlin in 2005, the gallery is specialised in modern Nordic art with a focus on conceptual photography. It originated as a site specific virtual experimental gallery that eventually evolved into the primary platform for the Helsinki School – a selected group of artists who have been associated with the University of Art and Design in Helsinki, Finland. Since the merging of TaiK Persons Gallery with ZAK | BRANICKA in 2019, Persons Projects is representing a very singular and selected group of established and emerging artists from Finland, Denmark, Iceland, Poland and the US. Yet, they are not primarily defined by nationality or discipline, but by their shared artistic approach that is based on both working conceptually and with the photographic process as a tool for thinking.