Jason Robinson
Place de Gaulle
Saint Paul de Vence
Exhibited artists
Massimo Vitali
Tom Fecht
Jean-François Jaussaud

Jason Robinson founded the Podgorny Robinson Gallery in 2015. First located in Paris, it will then settle in Saint-Paul-de-Vence, which has long been the stronghold of many great artists of the 21st century.
Artists Massimo Vitali, Tom Fecht and Jean-François Jaussaud are to be displayed this year. Each belonging to a different classical genre, namely the landscape, the genre scene and the still life, they divert, sublimate and blur the boundaries between these old categories. In Massimo Vitali's seaside landscapes teeming with holidaymakers, the vivid colors and disconcerting perspectives give these otherwise ordinary scenes an unreal atmosphere. With Tom Fecht, on the contrary, it is through an austere and refined approach that his seascapes acquire an almost mythical aspect. As for the still lifes of Jean-François Jaussaud, they harmoniously combine heterogeneous objects and invite, through dissonance, the absurd or the decrepit, to question the ephemeral and the fragility of things.