Maarten Schilt
Peter Martensstraat 121
The Netherlands
Exhibited artists
Will Vogt
Dena Elisabeth Eber
Diana Karklin
David Batchelder
Cig Harvey
Caroline Irby
Jan Banning
Diana Matar
David Chancellor
Vivian Keulards
Amy Touchette
Rohina Hoffman
Tracy Xavia Karner
Petra Barth
Kirk Crippens

Schilt Publishing & Gallery is a publishing house specialised in high quality photography and art books as well as a commercial gallery representing a range of top class artists from all over the world.

The aim of the company is to offer a worldwide platform for its artists as well as being a family of artists in the old-fashioned way. We do not only publish books and market those through our offices in the USA, the UK and the Netherlands, but also actively working together with our artists to help them with their careers. We search for instance for exhibition possibilities in different countries both in public and commercial galleries. Also because of that, we operate in close cooperation with galleries in other countries as well as photography festivals. We organise exhibitions in our gallery in Amsterdam about four times a year, and an online exhibition that changes every month. Our online print shop offers a changing selection of beautiful, limited edition, signed artwork.
Schilt Publishing & Gallery is the publisher of FotoFest International in Houston, Texas. Our cooperation with this fine photography institution cannot be underestimated and we are therefore extremely proud and thankful for the trust they give us.

All further information on our books and artists can be found on our website: www.schiltpublishing.com