Tzu-Ning, Liao
Shu-Feng, Chen
No.47-1, Ln. 53, Dongnan St., East Dist.,
Hsinchu City
Exhibited artists
Yichia Liao
Sameer Tawde
Kurt Tong
Ronghui Chen

絕版影像館UP Gallery (est. 2009)
Solely dedicates to exhibiting photography and moving-image works
Yichia Liao the founder of the gallery, and also an artist/photographer foresaw the need for a great platform to exhibit photography in Taiwan. Returning, to his hometown, Hsinchu in 2009 he established a 600 square meters (three floors) physical gallery space, in addition, it is also equipped with a parking lot that can accommodate 15-20 vehicles. The gallery provides a great viewing experience for audiences to enjoy photographic and moving-image works.
UP Gallery, short for Uniquephoto Gallery, introduced the concept of editions and seek to enhance the value of photography in Taiwan ever since its establishment. The gallery believes the value in a photograph has unique potential. Uniqueness and progression lead to one direction: UP, which is the gallery’s core value.
Current artistic director Agnes Liao graduated from Sotheby’s Institute of Art (London) with a MA in photography and is also the reviewer of the mandarin version of the book “Photography and the Art Market”. She specialises in the field of contemporary art photography and is committed to discovering emerging Asian artists while guiding them into the global art photography world. Current international art fairs that the gallery participates in include ParisPhoto, Photofairs Shanghai, Photo London, Taipei Dangdai, etc. The gallery seeks to reach a broader audience amongst art photography and the field of contemporary art.