Ellen Katrine Willas
Tändstickpalatset, Västra Trädgårdsgatan 15
111 53

WILLAS contemporary was founded in 2015 as a gallery next to the City Hall of Oslo, focusing on contemporary photography. Within the span of 3 years, the gallery was rated as one of the top three galleries and art institutions in Norway. The founder, Ellen-K Willas, now acts as a nomadic gallerist, art advisor, and curator with showrooms in Oslo and Stockholm.

WILLAS contemporary represents internationally acclaimed artists who are at the forefront of movements for change, grappling with society’s most prescient challenges, injustices, hopes, and joys. The programming consists of a playful and unpredictable combination of museum-like pop-up exhibitions, international art fairs, and online exclusive exhibitions.

For Photo London 2023 - WILLAS contemporary proudly presents a solo show by the American artist Jeff Cowen.

Jeff Cowen is interested in mating the power of painting with the power of photography. Working solely in analogue, he endeavours to make the unfathomable and sublime visible. All the works are silver-gelatine prints and handmade in his customised darkroom. The images on view with WILLAS contemporary during Photo London are a selection from Jeff Cowen’s practice during his Berlin years, where he started intensively experimenting with the painterly approaches in the darkroom.