Maya Benson
Tel Aviv-Jaffa

Bright Gallery brings to the forefront emerging fine art fashion photographers from all over the world. We believe photographers are artists that capture beauty with a single brush – the light. In fashion photography, every little detail is crafted to create one whole story, a fascinating mix between creativity and elegance that inspires and elevates our daily life; a glimpse into our dreams and desires, captured in one moment.

The gallery promotes the work of emerging fashion photographers from around the world, including artists from France, Ghana, Israel, Japan, Nigeria, Spain, Vietnam and the United States. Using new aesthetics and creating narratives that include a concept or attitude, Bright Gallery’s artists confront questions concerning identity, community and material culture, as the works blur the lines between the commercial, the editorial and the personal. Creators of their own dreams, the artists are inspired by the cultural and traditional climate in which they thrive.

Bright Gallery is founded by curator Maya Benson. Maya holds a Masters from Johns Hopkins University and for the past decade has worked alongside some of the most talented designers, art directors and photographers in the art world and in the hospitality industry worldwide.