Erika Deák
Mozsár street 1.
Exhibited artists
Andi Gáldi Vinkó

The Erika Deák Gallery, one of the first commercial galleries in Hungary, was founded in 1998. The Gallery has been an important player in the Hungarian and international contemporary art scene, helping to launch many young and now middle-generation artists. Ever since its opening, the gallery is determined to find and exhibit timeless, progressive art from all over the world, in all medium. Besides providing a platform for the gallery artists to present their work regularly, they host independent projects and yearly invite annually a young curator to organize a group exhibition, e.g., in 2016 they organized the critically acclaimed international exhibition entitled Beyond the Obvious, women artists from the CEE region, then INSTAX, the resurrection of Polaroid. TÍhe 2022 project, entitled My obvious presence had an enormous impact in Budapest, as here they first spoke about the realities of lived motherhood. Besides making exhibitions, the gallery regularly organizes and hosts art related talks and discussions. The owner of the gallery, being a known philanthropist, founded a scholarship on the Moholy-Nagy University, where each year she grants exceptional MA students in curatorial studies.

ANDI GÁLDI VINKÓ studied visual arts at Moholy Nagy University of Art in Budapest and Esag Penninghen in Paris. Her work draws visual analogies between intensely personal and intimate experiences of motherhood and womanhood and universal human experiences of coming of age, aging, loss, and the conflict between Western and Eastern European ideologies. Using both staged and documentary photography, Andi Galdi Vinko is a vivid visual storyteller who assembles her snapshots into unconventional and unexpected narratives, juxtapositions that are playful and humorous but also elicit pathos and absurdity, often published in the form of zines or editorials.

ANDI GÁLDI VINKÓ If you knew it, why didn’t you do something about it?

How do we talk to our children about the imminent climate disaster, about global conflicts and crises? If You Knew It, Why Didn’t You Do Something About It? With the exuberance and spontaneity of her previous works including her widely acclaimed photobook "Sorry I Disappeared I Gave Birth But Now I'm Back" the Hungarian artist continues to consider the demands of parenthood through the lens of the camera.

This new body of mixed media works incorporates photographs by Gáldi Vinkó with drawing, painting, text, and other elements added by artist Hin, a friend of Gáldi Vinkó, and Gáldi Vinkó's 6-year-old daughter Dana.

The deeply personal, poignant series of photo-based works explores multiple converging perspectives and responses to the climate emergency and visions of the future, capturing the exchanges between a mother to a child. The work also considers the shifting role of photographs in a rapid, intrusive news cycle and the ways it collides with and contradicts a parent's attempts to create a sense of safety and security in the domestic realm.