Ana Matos
Avenida Estados Unidos da América. 53 D
Exhibited artists
Augusto Brázio
Cláudio Garrudo
Inês d'Orey

Galeria das Salgadeiras has been developing its program around two main axes: the fusion of artistic expressions and genres and the influence of other territories on the practice of Contemporary Art. On the one hand, a proposal of reflection on the boundaries of the various artistic disciplines, their dogmas and formalisms, and how these categories can merge around Rosalind Krauss' idea of “expanded field”. A drawing that materializes into an object, a photograph that takes on a more pictorial nature, a portrait created through video, surfaces, planes, supports that intersect like a formal diaspora between the various disciplines, reaffirming, however, each discipline’s underlying identity and thought. It is also from this miscegenation that new models and (of) constructions around the work of art will be built. On the other hand, to integrate into artistic production a certain “positive contamination” of other territories of thought and sensibility, be it Literature, Politics, Philosophy or Science. To conclude, we reiterate that, in essence, we are interested in exploring how different expressions, formalities and supports can influence contemporary artistic practice from a transversal perspective in a time that is liquid, relating to Zygmunt Bauman’s idea in Liquid Times: Living in an Age of Uncertainty. Underlying this liquid modernity is the idea that everything is unstable, fragmented, vestiges that are what will come to be, intersecting with Derrida's thought
and caught in the dichotomy of the being versus its meaning, which is the same as saying between what “is” and its multiple interpretations, giving language a metaphorical character and the work of art a polysemic structure. In the 21st century, we seek in the work of art more than what it “is”, as it never “is” what it seems to be; we look for its meaning, what is revealed by the dialogue(s) with the work, in a time and in a space that are fluid as well.