Gina Cross
Studio 28, Coldharbour Studios
26-34 Southwell Road
United Kingdom
Exhibited artists
Christine Wilkinson
Gina Cross
Jo Bradford
Kate Banazi

Gina Cross Projects presents a curated collection of work by 4 abstract artists whose central theme of their work is colour, light and abstraction. Each artist employs a different process to examine their subject.

The showcase will include new large format works by abstract photographer Christine Wilkinson, recently awarded the Thomas Burberry prize for print at the RA Summer Show in 2023.

Cameraless photographer Jo Bradford has taken a new direction and moved her creative practice out of the darkroom and into her garden, recording split-second exposures to the light, capturing leaves fluttering in the breeze above the film.

Multi disciplinary artist and curator Gina Cross will include a new series 'Light Falls' - photo etching on to reclaimed copper plate. Gina chooses to work with reflective surfaces, etching the imagery to the metal and allowing neighbouring colours and light to bounce and alter the surfaces during the day.

Multi disciplinary artist Kate Banazi will present a new series of screenprinted perspex box sculptures. For many years she has been exploring the themes of beauty and who dictates what its definition. Kate has worked on a diverse multidisciplinary art based practice with silkscreen printing, sculpture and painting, with explorations into light, colour and graphic motifs with an experimental, intuitive and often playful foundation.