Jewel Goodby
45 Churchfield Road
W3 6AY
United Kingdom
Exhibited artists
Tim Bret-Day
Derrick Santini

Founded in 2017, JG Contemporary is an independent art gallery nestled in West London, boasting a global presence despite its modest scale.

We champion an array of contemporary artists in a myriad of artistic mediums and styles and pride ourselves on being a sanctuary for multidisciplinary artists. Originating from the vibrant realms of pop, street and urban art, our gallery has flourished to embrace a wide spectrum of artistic expressions.

Our commitment to diversity is mirrored in the eclectic range of exhibits we host, showcasing contemporary artists who excel across various mediums and styles. Our gallery is a celebration of artistic mastery and innovation and a testament to the rich tapestry of contemporary art. Each artist in our fold brings a distinctive voice to the gallery, enabling us to present our audiences with a broad spectrum of visual narratives. JGC is a very dynamic gallery; where art breaks free from traditional confines as innovation meets tradition in a symphony of colours, textures and forms.

We pledge a commitment to public art and community engagement that illuminates the path forward and hold a dedication to our artists, in which we believe in every single one and will devote ourselves to sharing their deserving work and connecting our artists and collectors all over the globe.