Robert Hershkowitz
Paula Hershkowitz
Monteswood Lane
RH16 2QP
United Kingdom
Exhibited artists
William Henry Fox Talbot
Lewis Carroll
Roger Fenton
Robert Howlett
Gustave Le Gray
Thomas Elmore
Hill and Adamson
Julia Margaret Cameron
Francis Frith
Linnaeus Tripe
Andre Giroux
Guillaume Duchenne de Boulogne
James Anderson
P.H. Emerson
Alfred Backhouse

Internationally recognised for over 45 years Robert Hershkowitz Ltd is the leading British dealer specialising in significant European photographs from the 1840's to 1860's.For the 2024 Photo London fair, masterworks from this period will be exhibited with particular emphasis on images by British artists. This will complement the concurrent Somerset House public exhibition of French paper negative photography curated by Robert Hershkowitz. Noted British artists' pictures will include those of WHF Talbot, Roger Fenton, Linnaeus Tripe, Francis Frith, and Julia Margaret Cameron, as well as an extremely charming image of children by Lewis Carroll. Also exhibited will be the work of lesser-known figures such as Thomas Elmore and Robert Howlett. French photography will be represented by, amongst others, a dramatic seascape by Gustave Le Gray and striking landscapes by Bisson Freres and Andre Giroux. Within the structure of the exhibition are two minor themes of trees within varying landscapes, and examples of early photography in Rome.