Jamie Gourlay
Pavilion Gallery
4 Cromwell Place
United Kingdom

Verse Solos is a gallery that's dedicated to exhibiting some of the world’s leading digital artists, artists who have been integral to the digital space or who we believe will impact the course of digital art.

Unlike many “digital galleries” physically exhibiting digital art is an important part of our ethos and most of the world’s foremost digital artists look to us not just as an online platform but as one of the most recognisable places to showcase their art in in the flesh.

In addition to hosting numerous exhibitions of leading artists at Cromwell Place in London – alongside other venues – we also have a deep focus on education. This includes offering in-depth overviews of our artists’ practices and contextually framing their work within both the traditional and digital art world. We often host curatorial panels or workshops alongside our physical exhibitions with leading curators from museums and institutions such as the Serpentine and V&A.

Verse Solos aims to foster a deeper appreciation for the diverse voices that shape the digital art community. It is our commitment to provide a dedicated space that not only showcases brilliant art, but also nurtures understanding and respect for a multitude of artistic expressions.