Photo London Presents: Full Pre-Fair Talk Line-up Announced

Following the first sell-out event last night, where Zelda Cheatle, Chris Littlewood and Simon Roberts discussed ‘Collecting Contemporary Photography’, we are excited to announce the full programme of pre-fair talks leading up to Photo London 2016. All events will take place in the Screening Room at Somerset House, and tickets will be on sale in early December. The line-up is as follows:


Wednesday 20th January 2016
Photo London Presents: Ben Brown in conversation with Ori Gersht

Exploring the relationship between an artist and their dealer, this conversation will offer the chance to hear Ben Brown (of Ben Brown Fine Arts)  speak with one of the artists on his international roster – the leading contemporary fine art photographer, Ori Gersht.

This unique conversation will provide an insight to the relationships formed between the artist and dealer, and will explore how fine art photography is made and is sold in view of the larger commercial art world.



Wednesday 17th February 2016
Photo London Presents: ‘The Future of Photography: A New Landscape’

Gathering some of the most interesting young photographers working today, this panel discussion will explore the changes in contemporary photography, and the way our perception of the medium is changing in an era when photography and the sharing of images is accessible to everyone.

The discussion will explore how these changes are affecting new bodies of work, and how new perceptions on curation of exhibitions is informing the commercial art world and is shaping the future of the medium.

The panel consists of:
Chloe Dewe Mathews, an award-winning photographic artist; Lydia Goldblatt, artist, photographer; and Noemie Goudal, artist working with photography, film and installation



Wednesday 23rd March 2016
Photo London Presents: ‘The Future of Photography: Beyond the Camera’

Mishka Henner is an artist living and working in Manchester, England. He is known for his concept-led photographic works and appropriation of images from Google Earth. As a photographer that doesn’t always use a camera, Mishka Henner will explore the ideas and perceptions of camera-less photography, and how loyal photography fans and collectors are reacting to the change in the medium.

Now that Instagram and Google Earth are available to everyone, and millions of images are shared every day, what is the effect on the future of photography and the commercial photography market?