Photo London to Raise the Spirit of ’68

Manifestations de Mai 1968, Paris ©FondationGillesCaron GC-08088-24A

1968 was a year that defined an age and changed the path of generations. It was a watershed moment in modern history, when the swinging, free-loving naivety that had set the cultural world alight came crashing down in Molotov cocktail-fury from the anti-Vietnam War protests in the US, the Catholic fight for social justice in Northern Ireland, the anti-Soviet resistance in Czechoslovakia to the student protests in France. From Derry to Paris to Prague, the world was changing and for the first time, photographers were there on the ground, documenting the danger and the detail and creating an icon from youthful stone-throwing hero. In 2018, Photo London will present its own unique homage to the year that reshaped the future thanks in no small part to the power of photography.

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