Investing in the arts has been a long-standing priority for Royal Bank of Canada. The arts have, and continue to be, an essential part of how we communicate, reflect and innovate as a society. They also play a key role in building vibrant communities and strong economies.

We are proud to partner with Photo London, one of the most prominent gatherings of collectors, exhibitors and curators in the photographic world; a unique platform that encourages new talent and creative excellence. These are exciting times for photography in all its forms and we are delighted to support Photo London in a celebration of the medium.


Artists’ Cabin, 2009. 152.4 x 227.3 cm © Stan Douglas – Courtesy of the artist, Victoria Miro, and David Zwirner.


Through RBC’s cultural partnerships and our own art collection, of which photo-based practices play an active role, we are honoured to be able to support artists and organisations that are shaping our societies and culture. The RBC collection, which has been actively growing since 1929, is acquired and installed with a focus on creating and inspiring cross-generational conversations. Through ongoing loans of the collection, as well as sharing the work with employees and clients, we celebrate the evolving threads and narratives that explore and redefine Canadian art. Art is about looking at something in a new way or showing the audience a new perspective. Perhaps no medium is better suited to capture this than photography.

We also acknowledge the struggle many artists experience on their journey to gain the recognition required to become successful in their practice. To enable this RBC Emerging Artists supports organisations that provide the best opportunity to advance an artist’s career trajectory in genres such as, visual arts, music, theatre, dance, literature and film, bridging the gap between emerging and established success in their chosen practice. RBC is committed to championing the careers and development of emerging artists through mentorship programs, education, and access and exposure to new audiences, and has invested more than CAD$119 million in arts organisations, supporting 35,000+ artists since 2007.

Blinds, Flood Frame, Love in the Barn, Hybrid Horses for your Future, 2019. Inkjet photograph mounted to Dibond, stained glass, lead, artist frame. 85.1 x 64.8 x 5.1 cm, © Nadia Belerique – Courtesy of the artist and Daniel Faria Gallery


This support has never been more critical than in the uncertain times of today. The convergence of real and virtual worlds is creating both opportunity and complexity for artists looking to find their voice.

We hope you enjoy Photo London, highlighting a new generation of photographers, while paying homage to the medium’s unique and diverse history.