Rising Stars: Discover the Shortlist for the Photo London x Hahnemühle Student Award

We’re delighted to reveal the shortlisted artists for the 2024 Photo London x Hahnemühle Student Award.

The award has seen phenomenal growth this year, with submissions from over 100 nominated students across 46 UK-based universities. Having reviewed and discussed in depth these entries, this year’s judging panel  have shortlisted five students whose work will be showcased in a group presentation at Photo London (16 – 19 May 2024).

Congratulations are in order to all nominated artists; the judges noted the incredible calibre and breadth of work presented by the students, making this year’s selection no easy feat.

‘I think it’s fair to say how proud we all are that the competition has grown in entries this year and what an incredibly high standard of photography we reviewed. It’s a real testament to the talent and commitment of the student photographers but also to the quality of tutoring they’re benefiting from across the country.’ –  Judging Chair, Fiona Shields, Head of Photography, The Guardian

The judges will convene at the Fair to select the overall winner, who will be announced at a special award ceremony at Photo London on Saturday 18 May. More details on the Photo London x Hahnemühle Award at the Fair can be found here


The 2024 shortlisted artists are:


Ada Marino (University of Wales Trinity Saint David, Swansea)



In her series ‘New Moons’, Ada works at the intersection between photography and installation and her practice focuses on past events of her subjects, their memories and traumas that re-emerge and manifest as a form of cynical surrealism. Often, her disturbing imagery attempts to conceptualise the repulsion/attraction effect in an attempt to reappraise notions of ugliness.


Ada Marino, New Moons, Series: New Moons, 2022-2023

Ada Marino, New Moons, Series: New Moons, 2022-2023


Africa Barrero-Alexander (The University of the West of England)



Africa explains: ‘My final year project explores and reflects on my experience as a transgender man, and the effect this has had on my life and my relationships with the people around me. Questioning my identity and sense of self over the years has led me to develop a deeply complex relationship with gender. This internal journey I’ve been on since childhood was externalised once I began my social and medical transition, choosing to show the outside world the person I have always known myself to be.

Africa Barrero-Alexander, The Colossus I, Series: This Body Was Carved From Stone, 2023-2024

Africa Barrero-Alexander, Healing, Series: This Body Was Carved From Stone, 2023-2024



An Liu (UAL London College of Communication)



An Liu was shortlisted for her project ‘Weaving the World’, in which she skilfully merges portraiture, documentary, and staged photography with a soft, dreamy visual style. The project begins with a real story that happened to An Liu’s 87-year-old grandmother: she started collecting toy gun bullets left by children in the neighbourhood for 3 years due to the loneliness, isolation, boredom, reflecting a profound search for glimmers of meaning and purpose in life. While residing with her elderly relatives, the photographer An Liu observed that advancing age brings about a decline in physical abilities, resulting in a life that feels empty. Through her photography, An Liu exposes this hidden cry for help, capturing the daily struggles of seniors and their resilient efforts to reestablish connections with the world. 

An Liu, Isolated island, Series: Weaving the world, 2023

An Liu, Leap across the abyss, Series: Weaving the world, 2023



Ben Hubert (Arts University Bournemouth)



Another talented photographer to make the shortlist is Ben Hubert for his series ‘Plinthos’. Influenced by Ancient Greek and Renaissance art, the recurring themes of his work include relationships between masculine representation and identity; and photography’s relationship with the male form. Central to Hubert’s practice is a combination of photographic and sculptural works.

Ben Hubert, Untitled, Series: Plinthos, 2024

Ben Hubert, Untitled, Series: Plinthos, 2024


Emi O’Connell (UAL London College of Communication)



And finally, congratulations to Emi O’Connell who was shortlisted for the series ‘and then I ran’. Emi’s work focuses on equality and women’s health with a particular interest in phototherapy and using visual arts as a way to sensitively approach topics of trauma. She uses self-portraiture and re-enactment as well as a research-based practice mixing documentary photography and performative elements throughout her work.

Emi O’Connell, The right hand holds the left, Series: and then I ran, 2023

Emi O’Connell, Forgetting how memory feels, Series: and then I ran, 2023


The winner will receive a trip to the Hahnemühle mill in Germany and the printing of 5-10 artworks on their preferred Hahnemühle Digital FineArt papers, either at the Hahnemühle UK office or at a Hahnemühle Certified Studio.


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