The Gift of Photography

We’ve spoken to our exhibitors to bring a coveted collection of prints and books to help you find that perfect gift for your loved ones. Be it a striking artwork to hang and enjoy on a wall, or an elegant photobook to delve into during the darker winter evenings, there’s something to thrill everyone in our gift guide edit.

Title: Black Passport

Author: Stanley Greene 

Publisher: Schilt Publishing

Details: Paperback, 17 x 22.5cm, 288 pages with 200 pictures

ISBN: 9789053306703

Price: €1,000.00


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Artwork: Wald im Winter (Forest in Winter)

Artist: Thomas Billhardt

Gallery: CAMERA WORK Gallery

Year: 1965

Media: Archival Pigment Print

Size: 36 x 36 cm

Edition of 10, signed and editioned by the artist

Price: €1000


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Artwork: Untitled from Summerdream series 

Artist: Mahboube Karamli

Gallery: O Gallery

Year: 2019

Media: Digital print on Velvet Fine Art

Size: 29.5 x 40cm 

Edition of 5 plus 1 Artist’s Proof 

Price £1000


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Artwork: Leopards, Natural History Museum, NYC, 2013

Artist: Arielle Pytka

Gallery: Galerie Sophie Scheidecker

Year: 2013

Size: 19 x12.5cm

Edition of 7 plus 2 Artist’s Proof

Price: £1000


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Artwork: 198810-01

Artist: Yichia Liao

Gallery: UP Gallery

Year: 2018

Media: Pigment inkjet print 

Size: 70 x 52.5cm 

Price £1000


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Artwork: Watercolor on Photo #11, from Land of Ibeji

Artist: Bénédicte Kurzen AND Sanne de Wilde

Gallery: Fisheye

Year: 2019

Media: Handpainted print white glossy, framed (mirror effect) with museum glass 

Size: 15 x 21cm; framed: 18 x 25.5cm 

Edition 1/1 plus 2 Artist’s Proofs

Price £1000


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Artwork: Untitled 3

Artist:  Sbagliato

Gallery: Camilla Grimaldi

Year: 2022

Media: Print on aluminum

Size: 40 x 20cm 

Price: £1000


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Artwork: Captivas II

Artist: Ana D. & Noora K.

Gallery: espace_L

Media: C-print on lenticular

Size: 20 x 30cm

Edition of 8 plus 2EA

Price: £950 (framed)


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Artwork: Muse I

Artist: Charlotte Mano

Gallery: Galerie XII 

Year: 2017

Media: Direct UV print on brushed aluminum (comes in floating frame in natural wenge wood)

Size: 13 x 18cm 

Edition of 5

Price: €850 


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Artwork: Night Poems

Artist: Tian Lin 

Gallery: Gaotai Gallery

Year: 2017

Media: Archival pigment print 

Size: 50 x 30cm 

Edition of 9 

Price £850 


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Artwork: Gingko Leaves

Artist: Paul Cupido

Gallery: Bildhalle 

Year: 2022

Media: Archival pigments on Kozo paper 

Size: 20 x 15cm 

Each artwork is unique; small booklet included 

Price: £750 


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Artwork: Ludica, Opera nr. 5

Artist: Tina Cosmai

Gallery: Alessia Paladini Gallery 

Year: 2019 

Media: D-print on cotton paper 

Size: 17.5 x 26.5cm (image size) / 21 x 29.5cm (paper size) 

Edition of 7, signed and editioned by the artist on print verso 

Price: £700


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Artwork: Abstract Dancer, Dark Blue 3, 2019

Artist: Giles Revell

Gallery: Crane Kalman 

Year: 2019 

Media: Archival pigment print 

Size: 50 x 50cm 

Edition of 15 signed and numbered 

Price: £550 + VAT


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Artwork: Zantedeschia Rehmannii II (Arum Lily)

Artist: Griselda Duch 

Gallery: Albumen Gallery 

Year: 2021

Media: Archival pigment print

Size: 32 x 45cm (image) / 40 x 53cm (including white margin) 

Edition of 20, includes an artist-signed certificate with edition numbering

Price: £500 + VAT – special Christmas Photo London offer! Valid to 31st December 2022


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Title: The Land Between Us

Author: Ning Kai and Sabrina Scarpa

Publisher: Imageless

Details: Hardback, 17.5 x 27.5cm, 96 pages

Print run: Special edition limited to 30 copies, includes c-print 

Price: $360


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Title: Arctic Heroes 

Author: Ragnar Axelsson

Publisher: Kehrer Verlag

Details: Hardback, 25.2 x 34.8cm, 290 pages

Print run: Limited edition of 25, includes signed and numbered fine art print 22 x 33cm

Price: €360


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Artwork: Bob Dylan at his Byrdcliffe home. Woodstock, NY

Artist: Elliott Landy 

Gallery: Magnum Photos 

Year: 1969 

Media: Archival pigment print 

Size: Four different sizes, largest being 45.7 x 61cm)

Open edition 

Price: £450


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Title: Ancient and Modern 

Author: William Eggleston

Publisher: Random House 

ISBN 98765432

Price: £500

First US Edition


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Artwork: Sunset Cumulus

Artist:  Hary Cory Wright 

Gallery: Eleven Fine Art

Year: 2019 

Media: Japanese paper

Size: 21 x 30cm 

Edition of 100, signed and numbered by the artist  

Price: £295


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Title: The World’s First Photobook was Blue

Author: Albarrán Cabrera

Publisher: Ira Stehmann Fine Art, the (M) éditions & IBASHO

Details: Hardcover with spiral binding, 32 x 23cm, 82 pages 

Print run: 1000 copies, three different covers available  

Price: €150


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Title: Garden

Author: Marta Zgierska & Mateusz Sarello

Publisher: BLOW UP PRESS

Details: Paperback, 31 x 42cm, 62 pages

Print run: 800 copies

ISBN: 978-83-952840-4-5

Price: €85


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Artwork: Bathing by Tower Bridge

Artist: Julia Fullerton-Batten 

Gallery: Centre for British Photography 

Year: 2022

Media: Fuji Crystal Archive (Matt)

Size: 29.7 x 21cm

Price £70


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Title: Atong Atem

Author: Surat

Publisher: Photo Australia and Perimeter Editions

Details: Hardback, 28 x 20.8cm, 48 pages

Price $49


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