Threading the Line: Photography, Process and the Climate Crisis – A Conversation with Photographer Daniela Edburg

glacier melting in a drop on felted wool by daniela edburg

Daniela Edburg, Grinnell and Salamander Glaciers, 2021. Felted Wool, 63 × 35 3/8 in (160 × 89.9 cm) © the Artist Courtesy Elizabeth Houston Gallery, New York.

Wednesday, October 20

6.30 pm BST | 7.30 pm CET | 1.30 pm ET

Free, registration is required.

Joining via Zoom from her studio in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico, Daniela Edburg will share a selection of work from her most recent series while offering insight into her process, personal history, and exploration of the connections between science, nature, and fiction. Daniela Edburg pushes the limits of photography and expands it beyond its traditional limits by her incorporation of textile into her practice. Edburg’s work addresses the harrowing reality of global warming in a whimsical Frankensteinian guise revealing humanity’s relationship to the natural world is one that is deeply interconnected, bodily, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. Fluctuating between the two- and three-dimensional plane, Edburg manipulates her medium in a way that makes the viewer question the reality of the space they are seeing as if witnessing a surrealist dream unfold. The waning of the icebergs, recast by the artist in dripping felted wool, serves as a warning of impending environmental catastrophe. While in photographic form, human bodies afflicted with autoimmune diseases mimic the scattered disorder of the remaining ice. Daniela Edburg is represented by Elizabeth Houston Gallery in New York where she was the recent subject of a solo exhibition Waning.


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