Gem Fletcher in conversation with Birgit Glatzel


27th April 2024

Photo London 2024 artist Birgit Glatzel (nüü gallery) will talk to Gem Fletcher, writer and host of “The Messy Truth” podcast. The two discuss the intimate relationship between the camera and communities, and in particular, the making of Glatzel’s fifteen-year project “Friends of Friends of Friends”, that saw her travel the world photographing portraits of people she was loosely connected to.




Born in Kempten, Germany, in 1970, Birgit Glatzel studied architecture in Wurzburg. While studying she spent time in Paris, Stockholm and Brussels, and exhibited paintings in early solo shows. She moved to Berlin in 1994 and started “A friend is a friend of a friend” in 1998, travelling the world with it for four years. More photo projects followed including “ideal city”, “south side beats Tel Aviv”, “You and Me” and many more. She has exhibited internationally in London, Berlin, Tirana, Venice, Paris, Arles, Jerusalem, and Tel Aviv. She works primarily in black and white with a medium format camera. Glatzel has been making extended trips to Israel since 2001 and lived there from 2007 till 2010. She is currently based in Berlin.





Gem Fletcher is a writer, consultant and podcaster. Her work has been published in Foam, Aperture, Dazed, The British Journal of Photography, Creative Review, It’s Nice That and An0ther. She also hosts The Messy Truth podcast, a series of candid conversations that unpack the future of visual culture and what it means to be a photographer today.