Turning Time: Vera Lutter

Frans Snyders, Game Market, 1630s: February 10-April 3, 2017 © Vera Lutter

Photographing internationally Vera Lutter challenges the way we see the world, capturing cities, buildings and iconic monuments in such a way that they become unfamiliar and otherworldly. Join Vera Lutter and Martin Barnes as they discuss Lutter’s oeuvre which examines light, time, and movement. Delve into Lutter’s use of a room-sized camera obscura, or pinhole camera, to capture architecture, urban landscapes and industrial sites, and understand her decision to retain the negative image and refrain from multiplication or reproduction.


Vera Lutter is a German New York-based artist, who works with photography, film and installation.
Martin Barnes is Senior Curator of Photographs at the Victoria and Albert Museum, London.