Wolfgang Tillmans’ Anti-Brexit Campaign To Be Displayed

“Dear Friends, I’m sure you are also following with horror the rightwards drift and anti-EU sentiment brewing across Europe…”

Stepping aside from the sensationalism surrounding the ‘Brexit’ coverage in the media, photographic artist Wolfgang Tillmans’ latest body of work Between Bridges aims to inform the public about the democratic and humantarian benefits of remaining within the European Union. Tillmans’ messages are clear: first and foremost, people must register to vote in order to have a choice at all; second of all, he believes the UK’s exiting Europe could weaken the Union and play to the advantage of far-right parties and political figures such as Vladimir Putin.

Learn more about Tillmans’ project here.

Photo London will display the entire series of Tillmans’ posters across the side of the Pavilion in the Edmond J. Safra Fountain Court of Somerset House.