Es Devlin in conversation with Jeremy Deller

Friday 18 May 2018
10:00 am - 10:45 am
Talks Auditorium, Somerset House

Join Es Devlin as she discusses her newly conceived photographic project MASK with acclaimed British artist Jeremy Deller. The pair will delve into her work creating kinetic sculptures in opera and theatre, examining how this incorporating of elements of photography and film has influenced her contemporary artwork.

Explore how ideas of memory, matter, identity and place intermix and interact and consider the range of scales of time and space that we simultaneously perceive and chose to remain blind to as we calibrate our position within the period that we now call the Anthropocene: when what we know about the environmental impact of each thing we touch will soon preclude us from touching anything in the same way again.


Es Devlin  is an artist and designer. Her immersive, sculptural and film installations are often created as environments for performing artists, opera, dance and theatre.

Jeremy Deller is an English conceptual, video and installation artist.


Es Devlin will present MASK at Photo London 2018 – find out more here.



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