Jane England
216 Westbourne Grove (First Floor)
W11 2RH
United Kingdom
Exhibited artists
John Aldus (Gérald Ducimetière)
Sue Barnes
Anne Bean
Michael Druks
Susan Hiller
Tina Keane
Clay Perry
Monica Ross
Howard Selina
Cecilia Vicuña

England & Co has established an individual identity reflecting the historically-aware, research-based curatorial approach of gallery director/curator Jane England. The gallery programme alternates between contemporary art and explorations of 20th century art history, from the esoteric to the avant-garde. Many exhibitions have reappraised significant artists who have become relatively marginalized over time leading directly to museum exhibitions and renewed curatorial attention.

Photography is embedded in the exhibition programme - specific exhibitions of a photographer’s work or exhibitions which have included photography related to conceptual process or the documentation of performance.