1972 ( Gallery Estiarte)- 2010 Gallery Pilar Serra
Pilar Serra Bustamante
Sta. Engracia 6 bajo/centro
Exhibited artists
Joan Fontcuberta
Edgar Martins
Linarejos Moreno

Galeria Pilar Serra, previously known as Galería Estiarte, opened its doors in 1972, and its early years it devoted itself to the production and publishing of original graphic work by Spanish artists and to bringing the graphic work of the best modern and contemporary artists to Madrid.
In 1981 ownership of the gallery passed to Pilar Serra, from that moment the gallery spread its field of action to works on paper, photography and video, the first photography exhibition dates from 1985, by the artist Cees Van Galderen, since there was already interest in this activity, and in the 1st festival of photography, Photoespaña,, the gallery participated by exhibiting a serie by Sean Scully along with another by Jan Dibbets, artists whose woek had hardly been seen in Madrid at that time. In 1991 the gallery started to expand its dedication not only to photography and video, but painting, sculptures and installations. In 2010 the gallery changed its name to Galería Pilar Serra since its current activity and field of action had changed substantially and a change of name was in line with its new situation. In 2012 the gallery left its premises in Calle Almagro where it had been since its founding and opened a new space a new space in an adjoining street in itsown premises where it also had space for part of its stock. The gallery consolidated the range of artists whom represents, and new artists were brought in, as Edgar Martins, Joan Fontcuberta, Paul Winstanley, Marc Desgrandchamps and a collaboration with Jaume Plensa, who is going to have a good exhibition in Museum Reina Sofía in Madrid, and in the gallery. The gallery has taken part in numerous fairs and in Arco since 1982